Should you be using Red Giant Pluraleyes?

title_banner (14)If you are using a DSLR, BMDCC or any other camera and second source audio then you MUST use Red Giant PluralEyes. You will be amazed at not just how accurate it is, but how it can save you hours and hours of work, giving you a far more efficient workflow. That means you can spend more time being creative and making more money!
Creative COW by Bill O'Neil With the popularity of HD-DSLRs, many shooters are recording sound separately because of the camera's limitations with audio. For the past year, I've been shooting my spots on the Blackmagic Design Cinema Camera. The video looks terrific but the audio is clunky. The camera has no audio level setting so audio is always a guess. (Blackmagic solved this issue and many more with the release of the Ursa.) As a solution, I always hire a sound guy to record audio separately. At the end of the shoot, he gives me a flash drive containing the audio files. It used to be a tedious process to manually "glue" the audio back to the picture in post, but with Red Giant's PluralEyes it's simple. In fact it's so easy, I don't even need to use a clapboard or timecode. PluralEyes works as a both a standalone program or inside of your NLE with the extension. I prefer working inside of Adobe Premiere, but PluralEyes also works inside Apple Final Cut Pro, FCPX, Avid Media Composer/Symphony, and Sony Vegas Pro. read more...

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