Should You Hire an In-House Video Producer?

beachvideo-c8b01e31324ec587ece570ddefd8eb0aThis article is very timely as we are looking into possibly hiring an in house Video Producer so that we can create more consistant programming. We know our customers are looking for videos that review and compare products; offer tech tips, tricks, training and tutorials; and offer some in depth workflow advice for different applications such as worship, education, corporate, live straming, creating content for Youtube/ web amd more. Wistia by Meryl Ayres & Alyce Currier Hiring an In-House Video Producer Why and how to form a video team within your company Introduction For many companies, bringing video production in-house represents uncharted territory. Figuring out how and when to start can be challenging. There is no one-size-fits-all practice for integrating video into a larger business strategy, and each company's story will be unique. In this guide, we'll explore a few perspectives from different companies who have successfully made video a part of their organization! Why bring video in-house? When need, financial feasibility, and proven ROI align, the decision to hire a video producer becomes fairly clear, but assessing those factors isn't always easy. Here are a few examples of why you might pursue an in-house producer. Taking video to the next level Here at Wistia, we started out by experimenting with our own simple screencasts. In February 2011, our current video producer, Chris Lavigne, entered the scene. Chris brought all of his video gear with him when he visited the office one day, shot some footage, and edited together Wistia's first team video. read more...

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