Showcasing G-Technology G-SPEED Shuttle XL

Rugged. Versatile. Transportable. Impressive. That's the rundown on G-SPEED Shuttle XL, G-Technology's new high-capacity array. We're excited to have it available now at Videoguys!

G-Technology Demonstrates G-SPEED Shuttle XL Thunderbolt 2 DAS at CES

AnandTech blog by Ganesh T S ...Coming back to the more impressive part of my visit to the suite, G-Technology showed the various features of the G-SPEED Shuttle XL. This 8-bay hardware RAID solution comes with two Thunderbolt 2 ports. The platform itself is very similar to the G-SPEED Studio XL introduced by G-Technology at IBC 2015 in September. This product also has two ev Series Bay Adapters which enable support for the G-DRIVE ev modules. These modules can easily be swapped across different interface modules for use in rugged environments, or just for portability, or even with high-capacity arrays like the G-SPEED Studio / Shuttle XL....
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