Shure FP Wireless: New Portable Wireless System

Gearwire by Tracy Katz

Say hello to the newest Shure portable wireless system, the FP Wireless. Featuring flexible components such as portable receivers and XLR plug-on transmitters, the FP Wireless is ideal for independent videographers, electronic field production (EFP) producers, and those in the broadcast and media production industries wanting to capture clear audio no matter what.

The FP Wireless incorporates Shure’s Audio Reference Companding technology in order to deliver low noise, crystal-clear audio. The system also makes use of Automatic Frequency Selection for locating and identifying open frequencies at the touch of a button, and Automatic Transmitter Setup for instantly syncing the transmitter to the receiver frequency. FP series components include a lightweight, portable receiver and XLR plug-on, bodypack, and handheld transmitters.

“Understanding that portability and reliability are essential for videographers and independent producers, we designed the new FP Wireless as a super lightweight and ultra-durable product that these users can depend on in even the most extreme environments,” said Erik Vaveris, Category Director for Wireless products at Shure. “It also allows the user to set up quickly with just two presses of a button…the first to find a clear frequency and the second to sync with the transmitter.”

One of the nice things about the FP Wireless is that it is conveniently powered by two AA batteries. Other system features include compatibility with up to 20 systems simultaneously, Diversity Antennas for consistent reception of signal transmission, XLR and 3.5 mm cable receiver output options, single transmitter and dual transmitter system options, GSM immunity in the bodypack transmitters, and compatibility with Shure SLX Wireless components. read more...

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