Side by Side Comparison: FCP7 vs FCPX

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Alan asks: I’ve learned to use and love FCP7 and thinking of upgrading over to FCPX… or is it an upgrade? Does it have all of the same features? is it faster? effects are all there? I would like to see a side by side comparison. Thanks!

Answer: Two guys from Clearhead Media took the time to do a non-scientific comparison of the two and came up with some very interesting results:

Clearhead // FCP7 vs FCPX Deathmatch! from Clearhead on Vimeo.

UPDATE: Thanks for all your responses! We are glad it's made such a great impact. If you would like to contact us directly to discuss further, or if you need any help or advice yourself we are @clearheadmedia on Twitter or check out our website If you would like to see what we actually do, if your not sure about us check out! Thanks!

We have played with and given feedback on FCP X here (

But we wanted to do a side-by-side comparison compared to FCP 7. So we got the same clip and a few different audio tracks and created a race. A race to upload to Vimeo!

Take a look. The results are pretty surprising!


This is by no means a scientific test.

Music is John Williams : Star Wars (The Imperial March) and in no way affiliated to the film.


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