Sima Products Hitch USB Transfer Device for Music, Video & Photos

iLounge hitch Originally announced back in January at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Sima Products' Hitch is finally here - well, at least, here; it's shipping to customers soon. As the first USB intermediary device to be marketed towards iPod owners, Hitch is capable of copying music - and potentially more - from one iPod to another, no matter where you are. Powered by a rechargeable internal battery and a packed-in wall charger, Hitch has its own LCD screen and simple controls; you just provide the iPod-to-USB cables. Sima also notes that the device can connect two digital cameras to one another, or a digital camera to an iPod, or a non-iPod device (such as a flash drive) to an iPod for easy file transferring. Sima’s interface is just about as easy to use as possible. There’s a rotary style controller in the center, with three face buttons - “select† to select files, ““ for device toggle, and "send" to transfer selected files. You roll the rotary controller left or right to navigate menus and find files to transfer. A fourth button, found on the unit's top, is the only other big one here - it turns the power on and off. (A small reset button on the back will reboot the unit if anything gets hung up; the system runs on an upgrade-ready Linux kernel, and should be quite stable.) read more... Click here for more info and to pre-order the Hitch!

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