Sling Studio: 5 Reasons to Livestream To Your Congregation

Many houses of worship have starting to live stream their services to those who can't make it in person. Weather your budget is big or small this article from SlingStudio can help you decide if live streaming is right for your church.

From SlingStudio

Livestreaming has become a mainstay for many houses of worship. Churches of all sizes have discovered that livestreaming is a wonderful option for those who aren’t able to attend services in person and can also help expand a congregation across the globe.


Some congregation members may be unable to leave their home, military personnel stationed abroad, or families who miss church because of illness. Additionally, there are some people who simply prefer watching a livestreamed service over going to a physical church.

There are churches that have large budgets to work with while many have very small budgets or close to nothing at all. Large or small, here are five ways that livestreaming can help your congregation reach every corner of the world:

1) Make the World Your Audience: By livestreaming your church sermons, it’s now possible to share your inspirational message to a broader audience and help them stay connected from any location. Viewers can be at home in their PJs or even watching from a small town in Bostwana.

2) Keep Them Connected: Moving away doesn’t have to mean losing connection. Wouldn’t it be amazing to have out of town relatives be able to enjoy your congregation’s youth concerts? Grandma won’t miss a beat of her grandchild’s holiday performance with live more

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