SLING STUDIO gives you Professional Multi-Cam Production in a Backpack

The SlingStudio is an all in one production system for any multi cam stream. It's perfect for any independent live production. Users can record multiple camera streams easily, and mix the feeds in real time.

What's in the Box?

  • SlingStudio Hub
  • CameraLinks
  • Battery Pack
  • HDMI Cable
  • USB C Cable
  • USB Full-Size Connectors
  • Quick Start-Up Directions

SlingStudio Hub

The SlingStudio Hub is new and improved. You'll find it is now slimmer, with all of the ports you need. Users can connect smartphones or from a production camera via the Sling Camera Link.

The Hub also features one SD Card port, two USB ports, one external hard drive port, an AC, and HDMI port.


As far as power goes, it can't get any easier. The Sling's simple rechargeable battery connects directly to the hub quickly and easily. Now you can go completely mobile. However, if you are recording from a studio or near an outlet- you can power the hub via a wired connection as well.

Why Should I Buy the SlingStudio?

  1. A live production is set on a "realistic budget". Sling is easy and affordable.
  2. No experienced crew? No problem! The Sling is perfect for both experienced and inexperienced users, and covers every production base.
  3. Sling is also perfect for teaching! Its a fun and comprehansive way to teach inexperienced student crews about production. recently released a great article taking a comprehensive look at the SlingStudio. You can check it out HERE to learn more.

Learn more about the SlingStudio HERE

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