Sling Studio Live Switcher Updates General Overview

Check out how efficiently you can set up a multi-camera live production with a couple of smartphones and the SlingStudio Platform. This is a great overview of how all of the components of the SlingStudio Platform work together. The video also looks closely at the console app, which allows you to switch using a Mac or iPad. From MrCheesyCam A general look at the Sling Studio Live Switcher showing some of the updates they have rolled out over the last few months. Sling Studio can be used for Live Production / Live Streaming. When it comes to Multiple Camera Angles and Live Streaming, I'm constantly impressed with the simplicity and ease of use with SlingStudio. Instead of a hardware switcher, you're managing everything from a simple iPad - wirelessly. Instead of running cables back to your switcher, your cameras are wireless and free to roam. Even though you can use professional cameras with a CameraLink adapter, you always have the option of simplifying your setup using the SlingStudio Capture app on iOS or Android Smartphones.

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