SlingStudio and Vimeo Integration

From SlingStudio is not resting on their laurels at all in 2018. When some companies are ramping down and gearing up for the next year, SlingStudio continues to plow forward. Their most recent development is integrating Vimeo into their streaming functionality. The SlingStudio live production system is already so versatile with the ability to mix in other products to enhance the capabilities within, but now adding Vimeo into the mix makes this an even more desirable product. For those live streamers who are new to the game and may not be that tech-savvy, the SlingStudio is the live production system that will make you feel like a pro. And now with the ability to use Vimeo to help bolster your live streaming broadcasts, experiences professionals will also be taking notice.

“Integrating with Vimeo helps us make livestreaming a cohesive process for SlingStudio users, not only giving them a system for recording and production, but also making it easier to distribute high-quality feeds across multiple destinations, privately and without ads,” says Janet Gipson, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for SlingStudio. “When it comes to video production, filming high-quality, multi-camera content is just part of the battle – the other piece is making sure that content gets in front of the right audiences.”...[continue reading]

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