SlingStudio in School Video Production

SlingStudio recently posted a great case study on their blog about using the SlingStudio Production system in a high school video production setting.

Sling sat down with Stu Stein of Bellmore Merrick Broadcasting from Bellmore, NY. Stein is part of the Bellmore Merrick Broadcasting program, which teaches students the world of video production, and how to cover important events live.

The SlingStudio has allowed Stein to have his students work more independently than ever, and create a large scale production easily!

Bellmore Merrick Broadcasting is a four-year program at Mepham High School in Bellmore, NY. Our students take one broadcasting class a year and commit to spending 100 hours out of class working on our productions.

Stu Stein

Question: What initially attracted you to SlingStudio?

With our program’s growth we have more students than we can accommodate on our weekly fully supervised shoots. SlingStudio allows us to empower one of our seniors to act as the producer and then give underclassmen more opportunities on our shoots.

Stu Stein

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