SlingStudio Wireless LiveStreaming by Jorge Zayas

The SlingStudio production system is perfect for mobile multi camera streams!

Videoguys customer Jorge Zayas was recently featured on the SlingStudio blog as a guest writer. First and foremost we wanted to extend our congratulations! The article also features some interesting information, and we wanted to break down the article here, on the Videoguys blog.

Last weekend, I decided to push the limits of SlingStudio’s wireless capabilities at a live stream event from MCU Park in Brooklyn, NY (home of the Brooklyn Cyclones, the NY Mets’ minor league team).

Jorge Zayas

The article covers the process of using the SlingStudio to live stream a ball game.

Sling gives users the ability to send a camera signal up to 300 feet away.

In the article Zayas says he wanted to push the capabilities of the SlingStudio Camera Link farther than the advertised 300 feet.

SlingStudio and its CameraLinks are rated for 300 feet, but I decided to push for more. I placed a camera in centerfield, 450 feet away from the hub, and SlingStudio performed like a champ!

Jorge Zayas

As anyone in live streaming knows, equipment reliability is everything. Slings Lightweight portable solution is certainly a great alternative to routing 450 feet of cable. And, it meets the users needs.

The article also included a ton of great shots of the sling in action, as well as the video below.

Check out the full article HERE

Learn more about SlingStudio HERE

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