Small congregation uses Telestream Wirecast Pro and Matrox VS4 live video streaming technology to bring their message to the world


Phillips Street Church of Christ recently completed a successful overhaul of their entire streaming production setup

For the past 15 years, Phillips Street Church of Christ, a small 140-person congregation in Dyersburg, Tennessee, has been using streaming technology to bring their live worship services and teachings to the world.

Patrick Cupples, Deacon, Media and Technology, realized a few months ago that the church’s streaming production setup needed a complete overhaul. He explains, “We were using SD video cards to input standard video into Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder so we couldn’t stream HD quality. Plus we were experiencing dropped streams and frames with our setup. We felt that the quality of our broadcasts was suffering and we knew that our audience deserved a better viewing experience.”

Although the church only had a modest equipment upgrade budget, Cupples began researching on-line and came across a turnkey system based upon Telestream’s Wirecast Pro live streaming production software and the Matrox VS4 four-channel capture card. “The system immediately caught my eye. It claimed to offer affordable, high-quality multi-camera ISO recording and HD quality live streaming, which was exactly what I was looking for,” says Cupples. Although he is an accomplished, self-taught video enthusiast, Cupples knew that a turnkey system was a requirement since he was not interested in integrating components. read more...

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