Small Production Footprint: Storage

The present and future of post production business and technology by Philip Hodgetts

For the on-board production, the plan was to ingest all footage via the Mac Mini server to create a Final Cut Pro X Event – for the day, the sub-day or the story . The funny thing is, I questioned Apple’s use of “Event” in Final Cut Pro X until I had to try and find a term to cover the same ground. Event seems to work as well as anything.

The Event would be initially in an “Initial Ingests” area on the G-Tech G-Speed Q. This would be a protection copy of the media. I like the small physical size of the G-Speed RAID, which was an important factor in the somewhat cramped conditions on the boat. The power-managed startup sequence was also an advantage with limited 110v available.

From the ingest Event an XML file was to be exported and then merged with Event metadata logged real time. The result is a new FCP X Event, with the logging added. This would be our working Event. read more...

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