Small Tree Introduces TitaniumZ Line of Shared Storage Systems

(Oakdale, Minnesota--August 19, 2013) Small Tree introduces TitaniumZ, an all-in-one real-time Ethernet-based shared storage solution designed and optimized for the demanding needs of professional video editors requiring shared access to media files. Capable of supporting up to 24 video editing workstations without needing an Ethernet switch, TitaniumZ is designed and tested to provide maximum performance for real-time video editing workflows.

Offered in three scalable models – TitaniumZ-5, TitaniumZ-8 and TitaniumZ-16 – Small Tree’s latest shared storage product can be configured with up to 20 10GbE ports or 24 GbE ports with storage capacities (raw) from 10TB to 1PB (Petabyte). TitaniumZ can be upgraded on site through advanced ZFS technology, which enables servers to seamlessly integrate newly added storage while keeping existing files intact.

“Editing video is a real-time process,” said Steve Modica, Small Tree’s CTO. “Frames have to arrive on time, every time. TitaniumZ makes use of high performance 6Gb SATA drives and ZFS Filesystem technology to deliver maximum real-time bandwidth, which is the number of concurrent video editing streams possible with no dropped frames.”

Providing high performance sharing, quickly and directly from the RAID, TitaniumZ systems include simplified setup and management, RAID protection for multimedia editing and Small Tree’s industry-leading tech support. Creative teams will feel the difference in increased performance and productivity immediately with any of Small Tree’s all-in-one systems that are capable of meeting the most demanding editing situations.

“TitaniumZ was designed to be simple to setup and manage,” Modica continued. “The storage can be made available to users within minutes of initial startup, while the powerful and convenient browser-based GUI makes management of TitaniumZ straightforward. Using its browser-based GUI, TitaniumZ can be managed from anywhere with an Internet connection.”

All three TitaniumZ systems offer optimal flexibility with the capability to work across multiple protocols (AFP, SMB, NFS and iSCSI) and platforms, including Adobe Creative Suite, Avid Media Composer, Avid Pro Tools, Apple Final Cut Pro 7, Apple Final Cut Pro X and Autodesk Smoke. Additionally, each TitaniumZ system includes Mint project sharing software from Flavoursys – customers can purchase a 4 or 8 seat license – which offers seamless project and media sharing for Avid Media Composer. Available in a variety of drive configurations, from 5 to 144 supporting 16 to 144 concurrent ProRes 422 streams, with multiple network scalability options, Small Tree’s newest line of shared storage solutions can meet the demands of any facility, large or small.

“We wanted to provide a better value shared storage solution for our customers, and the TitaniumZ product line has done just that,” said Corky Seeber, Small Tree president. “Increased performance from every core technology used in the TitaniumZ, combined with Small Tree’s custom software, has created a shared storage product solution with greater storage capacity, higher editing performance and more features supported at a very cost-effective price.”

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