How SmallHD 1703 HDR Compares to Panasonic and Sony 17-inch Monitors?

How Does the SmallHD 1703 HDR Compare to the Panasonic and Sony 17-Inch Production Monitors?

From Behind the Screens By Joel Andrews We may have convinced you that our new 17-inch production monitor can take a beating, but have we convinced you that the 1703 HDR solves real, on set problems? Chances are, if you’re already using production monitors on set, you want to know how the 1703 HDR compares to industry standard monitors such as the Panasonic BTLH1700HD and the Sony PVM-A170. In this short video, we explain how the 1703 HDR compares to the production monitors listed above, as well as explain how it can enhance your on set workflow...[continue reading]

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