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5b75bc403643fa71c32291e5c30d6c36_XLThe SmallHD 500 series field monitors and SideFinder EVF attachment are one of the coolest and most versatile gadgets on the market for videographers, DSLR shooters and camcorder enthusiasts. The SmallHD 500 series field monitors deliver incredible image quality, combined with a super small footprint, lightwiehgt desing and long running times. When combined with the EVF Sidefinder attachment you get an Electronic Viewfinder that rivals competitive products costing twice as much!
RedShark by Simon Wyndham Simon Wyndham looks at the 502 field monitor and Sidefinder EVF-attachment, an innovative new system from SmallHD.

The humble viewfinder. It is a piece of equipment that, at one time, would be taken for granted. You purchased a camera and you could pretty much guarantee that it would have one. In many instances now, the viewfinder has become an optional extra. Cameras such as the Blackmagic range do not come with them, although the company has addressed this with a new optional viewfinder for the URSA range.

There are a number of third party options currently available on the market, but there is one company who has decided to enter the fray with an innovative new monitor/viewfinder. The company is SmallHD and it has been producing on set monitoring solutions for a number of years now. But, until now, it has not produced a highly compact on-camera viewfinder solution.

With the introduction of the 5-inch 502 monitor, all this has changed. The 502, as a base unit, is a high quality LCD designed for on-camera mounting. However, with the addition of the optional Sidefinder unit, it becomes a fully integrated viewfinder solution. read more...

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