SmallHD 501: Tiny 5" 1080p HDMI Monitor

smallhd_501_frontJoe over at No Film School is raving about the new SmallHD 501 HDMI monitor! They loved the SDI & HDMI based 502 when it first start shipping and needless to say, they love the less expensive, just as gorgeous HDMI version.
NoFilmSchool by Joe Marine The SmallHD 502 is one of the smallest, lightest, and sharpest external monitors out there. With HDMI, HD-SDI, and cross-conversion (and a number of other features), it's got a ton of stuff packed into a tiny package. But for people who don't really need or want the HD-SDI, they've just announced a new version, the SmallHD 501, which ditches the HD-SDI ports to shave $300 off the price, bringing everything down to $900. You can also get it for $1,200 with the loupe/viewfinder attachment at some point soon, but the monitor itself is shipping right now. For a quick recap, here was their launch video for the previous 502 — most of the features are identical with the 501 except for the HD-SDI (and cross-conversion to go along with that). read more...

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