SmallHD 702 Touch: Professional 7” Wide-Gamut Monitor with Touchscreen

One of the biggest announcements at NAB 2019 was SmallHD with a new series of monitors- including the 7" wide-gamut monitor: "702 Touch".

The new SmallHD 702 Touch is perfect for both professional studio and mobile productions, with a capacitive touch screen as well as a simple user based interface, and easy access to multiple new functions.

While this new monitor features several new features, it keeps the same format that users are familiar with from previous monitors.

If SmallHD was a band, I would have to write that they keep writing variations of the same tune, adapting it to different ears. The company designs monitors, but the logic applies, as the monitors from SmallHD fit every possible need you may find for a monitor. The new 702 Touch is another example, also introduced at NAB 2019.

Jose Antunes,

This product was also built to integrate perfectly with the new Teradek RT.

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