SmallHD adds new features to 500 series field monitors

download (1)In addition to delivering incredibly sharp 1920x1080 resolution images, SmallHD has added a bunch of really cool new features to their 500 series monitors. The update adds Image Capture & Overlay, HD Waveform and Audio Meters. You can also buy the monitors stadn alone, or ina kit with baterry, charger, cables and other useful accessories.
Definition Magazine

SmallHD has released new features for their new 501 and 502 Full HD 5-inch on-camera monitors via firmware upgrade version 1.0.

SmallHD’s new 500 Series monitors deliver 1920x1080 resolution images on a 5-inch screen. The free firmware upgrades both 500 Series monitors with features like Image Capture of up to 1080p raw images from the live camera feed. Also Image Overlay lets users load any JPEG—including an image capture—from the SD card and display it at varying opacity levels over the live camera feed, providing a comparison between two shots. New analysis tools include HD Waveform which displays monitor luminance or individual RGB levels in HD resolution, and on-screen Audio Meters accompanied by Audio Line Headphone Output. read more...

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