SmallHD Announces 13RX and 17RX: World’s First Wireless 13 and 17“ Production Monitors

SmallHD recently introduced several new wireless solutions and products including the new 13RX and 17RX production monitors.

The new SmallHD 13 and 17" production monitors come with integrated Teradek wireless technology. With these new monitors, users can work with more confidence in their footage.

These monitors paired with the HDR Bolt Sidekick models, cinematographers have access to a reliable and trustworthy picture.

According to SmallHD, the 1703HDR SK RX is a DIT's dream. This interface has everything including a reference grade, daylight view-able display. The model comes with a rugges exterior, and OLED level technology for color reproduction.

The 17RX monitor eliminates many needless moving gives and gives cinematographers what they need most- an accurate picture. This model is available at $5699.00.

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