SmallHD Field Monitor is Smart and Intuitive to Use

We know that SmallHD's rugged and production monitors are great. Now hear it from another pro with in-the-field results. The article has lots of great tutorials, too, so follow through to the full article. And when you're ready to make your purchase, check out Videoguys' selection of SmallHD field HDR monitors here.

SmallHD Field Monitor: DP-7 Pro Set Up for Cinematic Filmmaking

From HurlBlog There are a ton of on-board monitors on the market and each one is trying to set itself apart from the pack. I have always been a fan of the company SmallHD, not only because of the products that they create but because they are just good people. That goes a long way with me.

“Fathers and Daughters”

When the prep on Fathers and Daughters commenced at Revolution Cinema Rentals (RCR) in LA, I hired a very seasoned, top-notch focus puller for this film. I knew I wanted to shoot the feature mostly at a 2.0 on the Cooke S4 primes and I needed a Zen focus master to keep Russell Crowe sharp as a tack. Eric Swanek was my go to Zen Master. He delivered huge for me and made this film so powerful with his unique abilities. This is what great 1st ACs can bring to your project. They can let you create in ways you thought impossible. I never had to increase the lighting level or increase the ISO to give him more depth of field, which I have done on every one of the 18 films I have photographed, except for this one. Why am I going on and on about this Zen Master? Well, because your crew matters and they are an extension of you and your vision. On that first day of prep at RCR, Eric Swanek had never heard of or seen a SmallHD DP-7. He had been a TV Logic guy, like most Alexa and film guys. They have been the industry standard. I told him that there was a new kid in town. I asked him if since this monitor is so smart and so intuitive, would he be comfortable using it? He said, “Yes, it seems like the whole job is going to be using something I have never seen before so why not throw this one in too?” HA HA. I laughed and thanked him. I quickly showed him the power of the DP-7 and why I believe in it so much.

iPhone Idea

Imagine a monitor that thinks like an iPhone and operates like one. Steve Jobs was a brilliant man. The common sense nature of swiping the screen like reading a page in a book with your iPhone or iPad has become the benchmark and the norm. The team at SmallHD did the same. They made their screen a touch screen, which was brilliant. Time is money on the movie set and the quicker you can do things, the more money you save. What happens when you flip an iPhone? It flips its image. Wow, what a concept. The DP-7 does the same...[continue reading]

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