SmallHD Focus 7: 1000 Nits Bright & Beautiful

The new SmallHD Focus 7 is a 1000 Nit 7-inch touch screen monitor. The product is affordable for both high end camera systems or mirrorless cameras.

Check out the Specs of the Focus 7

  • 7-inch screen diagonal
  • 1920×1200 screen resolution
  • 323 pixels per inch
  • 1000 nits bright
  • Full-size HDMI input
  • 2x Sony L Series battery slot

“The FOCUS 7 equips filmmakers with all the benefits of a large on-camera display without making the camera set up feel cumbersome. With a high resolution, daylight viewable LCD, the 7-inch FOCUS monitor is ruggedly built and unexpectedly light.”


Using the Focus 7 for Outdoor Shooting

The Focus 7 is a solid build, but isn't heavy- making it easily portable. Paired with the new mounting L-bracket, the monitor will stay in place on the go, for any mobile production.

Check out this full article on the Focus 7 from

Learn more about SmallHD HERE

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