SmallHD OLED Monitors on sale now through January 31, 2016

SmallHD OLED Monitors on Sale Now

SmallHD OLED Monitor
SmallHD has announced NEW Sale pricing on their 7-inch AC7-OLED series of monitors for video production available now through January 31, 2016. The AC7-OLED are becoming a popular viewing accessory for drone pilots. Featuring a color-accurate 1280x800 display and 10000:1 contrast ratio, it offers the client, director or producer the piece of mind that their images are properly captured. AC7s offer built-in software tools such as Focus Assist, 'False Color', 2x Zoom and Frame Guides. Also featuring Gorilla Glass screens, aluminium skeletons, rubberised ABS housings and recessed ports. SmallHD offers battery brackets for Canon LP-E6, Gold Mount Anton/Bauer, and Panasonic CGA-D54 or the system can also run off an AC adapter. Available in two versions; the AC7 OLED HDMI with HDMI features component and composite inputs, now listed at $749, while the AC7 OLED SDI adds HDSDI to the inputs for $899 MSRP.

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