SmallHD & Teradek FOCUS Bolt TX and RX Wireless Monitors with Touchscreen

Find out about SmallHD's newest wireless monitors from this article reposted from ProVideoCoalition. The FOCUS family has expanded greatly with many convenient bundles customized for specific cameras, bundled with gimals or Teradek Bolt transmitter / receiver sets, and more! From ProVideoCoalition

smallhd focusWith five new monitors introduced at NAB 2018, SmallHD continues to expand its line of monitors with different solutions. The new wireless monitors with touchscreen give more freedom to directors.

SmallHD debuted at the NAB Show 2018 five new monitors which drastically expand the FOCUS monitor family, by adding OLED, SDI, and wireless into the mix. Here are the RX and TX models in more detail.

With five new monitors added to the SmallHD family, the company’s presence at NAB 2018 was the right moment to check the multiple choices available, not only the new FOCUS models, but the whole collection. Highlights of the show, though, the new 5-inch wireless monitor system, the FOCUS Bolt TX (transmitter) and FOCUS Bolt RX (receiver), are different, as they are built on FOCUS touchscreen monitor platforms, with built-in Teradek transmitter and receiver systems.

First, though, let’s look at the other solutions presented in Las Vegas. The FOCUS OLED HDMI is a 1920×1080 resolution, 5-inch OLED touchscreen with a Micro HDMI input. Similar to the original FOCUS monitor, this wide color gamut display has a 7.2v power output to power DSLR/mirrorless cameras. The FOCUS OLED HDMI costs $699 and will be available more

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