SmallHD Unveils HDR & the 701 Lite Monitors

WATCH: Monitors, Recorders & Power Devices Were Actually Exciting at NAB 2016

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Essential to your craft and no longer boring.

HDR monitors Are now unveiled and we pumped out 106 videos for you this year at NAB 2016, there were 70 up on YouTube with accompanying articles in the first four days alone. As a reader, we understand this must've been a little overwhelming. To make things a little easier for you to digest, we're breaking our content down by category. Preparation is absolutely essential to any film shoot, but when you're on your own with limited resources, running out of batteries or space for your recording could potentially be the most devastating you could encounter. Rest assured that companies like Anton Bauer, IDX and Swintronix are working hard to ensure it will never happen to you again. Keeping in theme with much of our findings at NAB this year, it's clear that monitor companies like Atomos are focusing more than ever on taking their existing products and making them as good as they can be for the filmmakers who own them. They are providing owners with free firmware updates to ensure their monitors are HDR capable. Almost every monitor we checked out were all heading in the direction of 4K. Below is a list of all our monitor, recorder & power device videos from NAB or, alternatively, just click play on the playlist up top and let it ride. Learn More About the Director's HDR Monitors, 701 Lite Camera Monitor and the many other great monitors from SmallHD!

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