SmallHD Updates Monitor Firmware to Expand into Log and HDR Preview

SmallHD Updates Firmware to Expand into Log and HDR Preview James DeRuvo from doddleNEWS shared this great inside peek of SmallHD's updates! It wouldn’t be a week here at doddleNEWS without a firmware update, and this time around it’s yet another offering from SmallHD, which will bring HDR Preview and an expansion of LOG to their line of production monitors. Since SmallHD is now fully embracing HDR in their 1300 series of production monitors, they are busy adding HDR Preview and a host of other features into their entire line. These features include expanding LOG with V-Log and S-Log DeLOG support, respectively, as well as supporting de-interlacing in all SmallHD production monitors. Other features added include:
  1. De-Interlacer is now supported in all SmallHD production monitors.
  2. The 1303 HDR now supports Studio Mode, our 100 nit mode for studio environments
  3. V-Log and S-Log 3 DeLOG and HDR Preview support now available
  4. A “Color Picker” tool has been added to the toolbar. This allows you to display video color values of a selected pixel.
In addition, SmallHD has done some housekeeping with their production monitor firmware by adding a more simplified version of Multi-view, now called “Dual-View.” I’m guessing this means that instead of having multiple inputs into a single monitor, you can do a split screen and have two different inputs. You can now repeatedly press the input button to cycle through all available inputs more than two, it’s just two on the screen at once just to keep it from being too crowded. This simpler interface also allowed SmallHD to fix a bug in the feature that would occasionally show valid inputs as a black image. Other Bug fixes include:
  1. fixing a bug that occasionally caused Vectorscope to crash, .
  2. fixing a bug causing transient data to not display properly when “no correction” is set in the Input menu, even if a log format is not the chosen gamma.
  3. fixing a bug causing the Multi-view/Dual-view to occasionally show valid inputs as a black image.
  4. fixing a bug that occasionally caused some colors to be rendered incorrectly when the input format changes
  5. fixing a bug that sometimes caused a page to continue displaying Brightness & Contrast adjustments made within the “Focus Assist” & “Peaking” tools, even after these tools were disabled.
Finally, toggling “ignore look” on a scope while there is no active look on the current page will no longer result in a change to the scope data. In other Small HD Firmware news, there is also another update for the SmallHD 500 and 700 series monitors which adds ARRI camera compatibility and making the format handing more robust for ARRI users. SmallHD advises that if you are using a 700 Lite series monitor, to make sure you’re using vs. 2.2 or later in order to update to this version.

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