SmallHD's 1303 Innovative 13" HDR Monitor Reviewed

If you are cross-comparing HDR field monitors, you'll definitely want to checkout SmallHD's new 13" HDR. It makes viewing outdoors a pleasure. Read this detailed review for more tips:
PVC review SmallHD 13"An innovative monitor that thrives outdoors or in, and shows that 13″ can be as good as 17″ for many jobs. I’ve owned many field monitors over the years, but the 1303 is easily the most versatile and innovative. Its brightness makes it the best monitor I’ve ever used outdoors, and features such as push-button LUTs, dual camera angles, and image capture all are genuinely useful. Finally, I love the Page-based interface and clearly marked function buttons that make it easy to use for everybody. At $3499, this monitor really is an investment, but it’s also a monitor that works beautifully in just about all scenarios...[continue reading on ProVideoCoalition]

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