SmartSound for FCP


SmartSound has released their plug-in for Final Cut Pro that allows Smartsound to see open FCP projects, including all the different sequences, and import markers from that timeline into SmartSound to make the process of adding music to your project a breeze.

The demo from Larry Jordan is up on the SmartSound web site and we’ve got it for you here as well.

The inimitable Larry Jordan guides you through a demo of the new tech on the SmartSound web page and the back and forth looks pretty snazzy. I especially like that SmartSound can seemingly “look into” FCP and see what’s going on, as well as pull markers, and then insert the finished audio clip into you active project.

By creating these dynamic links in SmartSound, it makes it a far easier process because you don’t have to worry about exporting from FCP in the proper format, finding that file in SmartSound, then exporting an audio file, switching back to FCP, finding and importing that file in FCP. No, all of that file management is skipped. It’s pretty amazing.

Click here for the demo from SmartSound

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