SmartSound Mood Mappingâ„¢

soncfire pro 4A breakthrough in music scoring for professional video editors that adapts music to the changing needs of your production. What is mood mapping you ask? Only the coolest new feature to hit audio creation software in years. Moodmapping allows you to change the mix of the instruments in your audio track to better match the the pace and tempo of the your videos. You can change the moodmap over the duration of the clip. think of it as audio keyframing. As an example, lets say you have a shot of the family ski trip. As you go down the slope, there will naturally be parts of the video where the action picks up, and other times when your just gliding gently down the mountain. With mood mapping you can put on your audio track, then adjust the mood to match the tempo of the video clip as it changes. Mood isn't the speed of the music, but rather the fullness of the instrumentation (such as rythm only or drum & bass mix) It's the same "song", just changing the instrument depth or as SmartSound so smartly named it "the mood" of the music. Unlike many of you guys, I have absolutely no musical talent whatsoever (although I have been told I play a mean air guitar on my Lacrosse stick). With SmartSound I was always able to create soundtracks for my video that sounded great. With moodmapping and the new Sonic Fire pro 4, I can take that to the next level, and actually fine tune the soundtrack to the video. I'm still a hack, but it's amazing how easy it is for me to use and create even better soundtracks. Click here to learn more about this revolutionary new soundtrack creation technology.

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