SmartSound Sonicfire Pro 4

DMN Product Review: by Charlie White SFP4 Mood Mapping adds a new dimension to an already-powerful music creation tool A good piece of music can make or break a video production. But sometimes that's not enough. The music has to be perfectly synchronized with the video, becoming less complicated when there are voiceover sequences. Until SmartSound Sonicfire Pro ($199 Mac or PC, includes two music disks) came along a few years ago, to accomplish this kind of customization you would have needed to hire composer at great expense. Not any more. And now with version 4, Sonicfire has added an even more human element to the mix which it calls Mood Mapping. It's remarkable. Sonicfire Pro has improved significantly since I favorably reviewed version 3.1 three years ago. If you're not familiar with Sonicfire Pro, it's a music application that lets you fine-tune stock music so that it perfectly fits your production. All the music cuts, and there are thousands available, have been cleverly recorded with points where they can be easily merged with other points, letting you designate exactly how long the music should last. You can also in emphasize certain instruments at certain times, and bring the music to full volume at the exact point where you need it. Read More...

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