SmartSound Sonicfire Pro 4: A Smart Scoring Choice

SFP4Videography by by Oliver Peters If you want to have a piece of original music tailored to your video production and its unique pacing, the best option has always been to hire a composer to score your video. That choice is often prohibitively expensive, however, so many video professionals instead purchase individual music selections, called needle drops, from a music library. Music libraries provide music that easily fits the budget, but unless you dedicate a lot of time to searching for just the right cut or spend a lot of time tailoring the music that's easily available to your project, you won't end up with a soundtrack that's as unique as you'd like. The popularity of loop-based music creation software such as Apple GarageBand and Sony Acid has steered many producers toward an in-house approach to scoring their video projects. These apps make it easy to string together a series of loops into a rather repetitive underscore; unless you are musically adept, though, it's difficult to break out of this monotony and create a composition with a real melodic structure. SmartSound is similar to other stock music companies in that it offers a collection of royalty-free recordings that can be used on an unlimited basis for multimedia, Web, TV and film productions. Unlike its competitors, however, SmartSound offers music selections as well as a companion software application, Sonicfire Pro. read more...

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