SmartSound technology incorporated into Avid Liquid product line

SmartSound The continued integration of SmartSound’s music scoring technology into leading nonlinear editing systems shows that it is considered an essential tool within the industry SmartSound Software, a leading provider of music and technology for visual content creators, has announced that Avid Technology has integrated technology from SmartSound into its new Avid Liquid product line. This integration allows users access to custom-fit musical compositions for their soundtracks using SmartSound's technology without leaving their Avid Liquid workspace. Drawn from editing products formerly developed by Pinnacle Systems, Inc. (including Pinnacle Liquid Edition), Avid Liquid is the company's new nonlinear editing software and hardware offering for event videographers, government and corporate video producers, and high-end enthusiasts. The new release of Avid Liquid shows that SmartSound's technology is rapidly becoming an essential component of any major nonlinear editing system's audio solution. read more...

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