Sneak Peeks of CS6: Dreamweaver, InDesign, Flash, Premiere & More


Similar to how they did before the launch of CS5.5, Adobe has been quietly slipping out a bevy of “sneaks” (now numbering 16 videos including those for Photoshop CS6) for new features that may be in a forthcoming release of the Creative Suite…

“Check out what new technologies, features and innovations the Adobe product teams are working on behind the scenes. Stay tuned to get an early glimpse of what could be next from Adobe.”

The latest CS6 products previewed include: Dreamweaver, InDesign (2), Premiere Pro, Audition, Flash Profes­sional, Illustrator (previously), and of course Photoshop.

The drumbeat has been getting louder with plenty of news lately about Creative Suite 6:

  • We now know when CS6 is likely to ship,
  • …as well Adobe’s official grace period for free CS6 upgrades.
  • The Photoshop CS6 beta release is out and available for all to download.
  • And we’ve even got chances for you to win CS6 Master Collection for free.

So things are starting to get a little exciting.

Here now are some of the significant new preview demos… For the complete set, please see the Adobe Technology Sneaks 2012 page.

Fluid Grid Layouts in Dreamweaver CS6:

Greg Rewis, Worldwide Web Evangelist shows a new tool coming in Dreamweaver CS6 – Fluid grid layouts to help create adaptive layouts for more screens and devices:read more and check out all the videos...

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