So Your Pastor Wants to Start Streaming Video

Church Production by Andy McMillan

It takes more than a camera and a computer to produce a webcast that reflects well on your church, and attracts a regular viewing audience.

When it comes to live streaming, everyone wants in. Five years ago, churches didn’t think about live streaming unless they had attendance in the thousands. Nowadays, even the smallest churches are wanting to stream.

There is a serious benefit to live streaming: The stats are clear that most people check out your online campus before they come to your church. So it’s an incredible tool to reach new people and to connect with those attendees who travel for business, etc.

That being said, creating a respectable video stream is harder than it looks.

This article is written for those guys who have pastors who are interested in live streaming, but need to understand the investment that it requires. So here are a few things your pastor needs to know before pulling the trigger on live streaming:

It takes more than a camera and a laptop to make it happen.

One of the questions I used to get as an integrator all the time was, “I want to stream. Do I really need anything other than my laptop and this camera that we already have?” The answer is always, “yes.” We’re going to break this up into two areas: Gear and Internet. read more...

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