Software Review: SonicFire Pro 4

Microfilmmaker Magazine By Jeremy Hanke SFP4SonicFire Pro has been a useful program in the past, bu,t now that it's added the multi-layer support and Mood Mapping, it's become a must own for Indie filmmaker- especially at the extremely reasonable price it's now being offered at. Even if you're a purist and have a composer that you want to compose the final mix for you, this program will allow you to create a wonderful pattern for him or her to compose from, yielding a much more satisfactory experience for everyone. At the very least you owe it to yourself to download the demo and play around with this powerful program a bit. Few groups of people have a bigger rift between them than video guys and audio guys. Everything from pre-assumed importance to the way we talk is different between us. As a video guy, I tend to look at a new HDV camera and be impressed by the overall video quality that's available. Then my audio guy has to point out that the idiots who made the camera compress all their audio to sub-mp3 quality. This means that if you ever happen to shoot a sequence that needs any audio touch-up afterwards, you're pretty much screwed, because the compressed audio tends to shatter like sugar candy in a deep freeze if you try to fix it after the fact. Video guys tend to think that people will remember a film based on the visuals alone, whereas the audio guys know that 70% of any film is its audio. In fact, you can actually have crappy camera work combined with poor lighting and awful editing, and people will still watch a film if your audio is clean and clear. (How else can we explain why more than three people watched the migraine-inducing The Bourne Supremacy?) read more..

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