Some Olympic stats.

This list is going around the net. I pulled it from TechThoughts

The Olympics are in many cases, multiple Superbowls or World Cup events being staged at the same time. What does it take to produce all this?

Well, some stats being passed around on the production reveal it’s a huge undertaking, and I’m sure these stats don’t account for everything because those crews that come in always have to retrofit the stuff built out to “make it work right.”

It takes a lot of people power and equipment to produce the 835 hours of glitzy television coverage you’ll see in the coming 16 days. While setting up for the big event, our NBC brethren compiled an impressive list of the sheer numbers involved in creating such a monumental 16-day broadcast.

  • 900,000 gigabytes of HD video storage
  • 400,000 feet of video cable
  • 230,000 feet of audio cable (43 miles)
  • 155,980 meals served in 16 days
  • 79,707 square feet compound space at 19 venues
  • 68,286 cups of coffee and tea
  • 50,000 feet of triax cable
  • 32 communication nodes
  • 13,000 Two Way Radios
  • 46,912 room nights in 15 hotels and 97 apartments
  • 22,000 donuts
  • 18,730 pounds of pasta ordered for the NBC commissary
  • 15,000 blank videotapes
  • 10,500 feet of fiber cable
  • 10,000 archived video tapes
  • 6,890 sets of Olympics schwag for the crew
  • 2,500 color video monitors
  • 2,168 NBC Olympic staff in Vancouver
  • 835 hours of planned television coverage
  • 800 hours of HD broadcast coverage at the Beijing Summer Olympics in 2008
  • 416 total hours of NBC coverage of the Torino Olympics, the previous record
  • 385 laptop computers
  • 200 video recorders and 100 video servers
  • 127 printers
  • 110 NBC cameras
  • 51 HD video servers
  • 28 NBC edit rooms
  • 26 Semi trucks hauling equipment
  • 5 Mobile units
  • 1 Fixed-wing aircraft
  • 1 helicopter ( I thought there is more..)
  • 1st all-HD Olympic Winter Games

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