Something Old, Something New – Boris Continuum Complete 8.1

doddleNEWS by Jeremiah Hall

Let’s take a look at Boris FX’s Boris Continuum Complete 8.1, a set of around 200 plug-in filters for a variety of non-linear editors and compositing systems, such as After Effects.

When I first started in news, I could frequently be found hiding out in the Promotions Dept. You see, we were cutting on 3/4? cuts-only decks back in the News Dept., while Promotions had this wonderful thing called a non-linear system. I lusted after that thing, especially the effects. As I looked at it one day, I noticed a disc sitting next to the computer. I read the title.

I asked the woman cutting, a patient ex-reporter turned promotions guru, “What’s Boris?” My mind was filled with thoughts of Rocky and Bullwinkle, Boris and Natasha.

And then the head of promotions came through and said, “Would you get out of here and leave her alone?!?”

Alas, no answer that day. But I quickly found out, and the name Boris never conjured up “I am
look-ink for Moose and Squirrel” again. Instead it brings to mind hard-core video effects.

Boris FX recently released Boris Continuum Complete 8.1. Let’s take a look.

Something Old

Since I never got around to reviewing BCC 8, I thought I’d take a few minutes and walk through it. If you already have BCC 8, skip down to the “Something New” section to see what’s new in 8.1. read more...

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