Sonic DVDit Pro 6 + eDVD 4: Corporate Authoring with Pro Features

by Douglas Dixon DVDit6So you want share your new production on DVDs, but you're not sure which software to use? Especially for enthusiasts and corporate users, the template-driven "automated" approach used in consumer tools like Sonic MyDVD and Ulead DVD MovieFactory can limit your ability to create a custom look and navigational flow. But more professional tools such as Apple DVD Studio Pro, Adobe Encore DVD, and Ulead DVD Workshop can require a significant investment in becoming proficient with all their features, which is a problem for occasional users who are not focused on DVD production. The base Sonic DVDit 6 product (still at $299) has a significantly enhanced interface and menu design capabilities. Then for $100 more, DVDit Pro 6 adds an array of professional features, including multiple audio and subtitle tracks, associated navigation control, clip playlists, Dolby Digital 5.1 audio, and pro mastering options for content protection. And there's more -- DVDit Pro 6 now includes the full version of Sonic eDVD 4 (available separately for $199), which you can use to create enhanced DVDs for computer playback, with Web links and local links to images, documents, animations, and more (the base DVDit 6 includes eDVD LE for adding just Web links). So let's take a quick tour of DVDit Pro 6 to highlight the new professional capabilities, and suggest why you might be interested in them. read more...

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