Sonic eDVD 3 :: Enhanced DVD Authoring

Editor's Bin Review and Tutorial by Alex Alexzander eDVDSonic eDVD 3 provides enhanced ROM linking capabilities to your DVD projects by working with your existing VIDEO_TS folder. It's fast, easy to use, and flexible. It also provides its own auto-install player for PC users. DVD authors looking for a professional way to add PDF documents,or web access links within their DVDs need not look further. If most of your clients are using set-top players or PCs for enhanced DVD playback, then eDVD is simply a must-have application. It's priced low, easy to use, and works with most authoring systems. It informs PC users that extra content exists automatically, and offers to install and properly set preferences. Nothing on the market that I know of is as easy to use. Read the full review and tutorial.

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