Sonic Fire Pro 4.5 Network Edition

Ken Stone's by Steve Douglas Sonic Fire Pro has been available for some time now having evolved over the years from its original Smart Sound application. When Sonic Fire 4.0 was first released it came with several new features that were far more than fluff. What they called 'Mood Mapping' was really the ability to affect the tone or mood of any of the Strata series music pieces to fit the needs of the video. You could accomplish this either by simply key framing any section of the audio or ever by taking an even easier approach by clicking on any of the different variations of each music piece. In actuality, you were changing the instrumentation and arrangement of the music to fit your project and your ears. If you wished to raise, lower or delete any of the instruments on a piece of music, you were given the ability to do just that and do it quickly. If you needed to go from a full orchestration to background music where when a narration came in, it was a simple task to add new 'mood markers' at any juncture within the piece. If you changed your mind or wished to change any section within a piece it became a simple 5-second task. No muss, no fuss. read more...

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