Sonicfire Pro 4 review

DV by Jeffrey P. Fisher SFP4 If you rely on library music, Sonicfire Pro 4 has the features you always wanted to make the music work specifically for you. Fast, easy, and robust music scoring engine with enough variety and control to make every project's soundtrack seem custom-made. Matches time precisely with musical sensibilities. Mood Mapping feature and Multi-Layer music files provide unprecedented control over the mix. The right music can have a huge impact on our video productions, but few producers have budgets for custom music. We are left with essentially two choices: loop-based composition--popularized by Apple GarageBand and Sony ACID--and production library music. Each approach can give good results, but each has its limitations. The problem with the loop-based method is the time it takes for nonmusicians to construct decent tracks. The distinct disadvantage of library music is the lack of control over the timing, instrumentation, and mix. read more...

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