Sony Announces the HVR-Z1U, HDV Camcorder

Z One You’ve Been Waiting For By Mannie Frances Digital Media Net November 10, 2004 HVR-Z1UAmid all the fanfare, buzz, and security of Sony Headquarters at 550 Madison, Sony Broadcast Electronics formally announced the HVR-Z1U, possibly the most highly anticipated camera ever in its price range. The HVR-Z1U (the Z1) is Sony ’s latest HDV camera, following closely on the heels of the HDR FX-1, (the FX-1) a lighter version of the Z1. "What's the difference?" you might ask. Well, a lot. But let's start by talking about how Sony is now defining what HDV actually is. "HDV will be to the video industry, what DV was nearly 10 years ago. HDV provides shooters at all skill levels the ability to compete on a very deep level with high-dollar cameras" said Douglas Spotted Eagle, who demonstrated HDV at the Sony press event. "It's exciting to hear the oohs and ahhs of the press as they see HDV displayed on a 60 foot screen. It simply looks stunning." When Robert Ott, vice president of professional audio and video products for Sony Electronics' Broadcast and Production Systems Division, first stepped to the podium, the room was unexpectedly lively. In many ways, today's announcement was just a formality. The secret of the camera was already out! ( Sony had shown a prototype of this camera at NAB 2004.) read more... Sony Press Release Sony HVR-Z1U Technical Fact sheet

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