Sony AtomX SSDmini Drives for Atomos Ninja V


These days companies are constantly trying to keep up with the trends. Whenever a new product comes out with new and exciting features there will be another company looking to supply the masses with accessories to compliment that product. Such is true with the Atomos Ninja V's storage capabilities. With the size being reduced to that of most other recording monitors in the market, an opportunity to make accessory products specific to the Ninja V has risen. Sony has partnered with Atomos to make AtomX SSDMini Drives specifically designed for the Ninja V. Available in three sizes to match any users needs, Sony has added their flag as one of the companies specializing in SSD drives specifically for Atomos products. These in particular being specific for the Atomos Ninja V will allow users to get the drive they most need and with Sony's name on these drives, both Atomos and Sony stand to gain a lot of attention with this pairing in the upcoming year.

...the three new Atom X SSDmini drives are offered in capacities of 500GB and 1TB. However, there is a third option that features 2TBof storage. The three drives otherwise share the same specs. They have up to 550MB/s read speed and up to 500MB/s write speed. They all measure out to be 80.0 x 75.5 x 7.8mm and weigh 88g.

Sony says the new drives are capable of processing up to 10-bit ProRes raw HQ at 4K 50/6-p or ProRes HQ / DNxHR at 4Kp60 / 2K 240p....[continue reading]

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