Sony AtomX SSDmini Drives for Atomos Ninja V are here!

Sony has just annouced their new AtomX lineup of compatible SSDmini drives. These drives are desinged to specifically fit the Atomos Ninja V monitor/recorder. The Ninja V is a small form factor, 1” thick 5” monitor recorder that offers amazing features to DSLR/Cinema users. To find out more about Sony's new AtomX lineup check out the article below.


...The Atomos Ninja V is a relatively small device and therefore you might want to invest in specialized SSDs designed to fit. You can –of course– use regular sized ones but they will stick out of the unit quite a bit. Angelbird already offers AtomX SSDmini drives and now Sony enters this market, too.SSDmini

So if you you don’t want to use regular sized SSDs, like the Samsung 850 Pro or the Western Digital WD Blue PC SSD, then this new offering from Sony might be worth a closer look.

Sony AtomX SSDmini Drives

Just like the Angelbird SSDs, these new Sony AtomX SSDmini drives are available with capacities of 500GB and 1TB, but Sony adds a third option: 2TB of storage. All three models share the same specs: Up to 550MB/s read speed and up to 500MB/s write speed, a size of 80.0 x 75.5 x 7.8mm and a humble weight of 88g. The SSD is connected to the Atomos via SATA 3 (6Gbps).

All codecs available on Atomos products are supported by the SSDmini drives. According to Atomos, the new Sony drives (along with the Angelbird SSDmini drives and all the other certified drives) are capable of processing up to 10bit ProRes raw HQ @ 4K 50/60p or ProRes HQ / DNxHR @ 4Kp60 / 2K more

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