Sony Catalyst Prepare Streamlines BT Sport National League Football Coverage

Sony-BT-Sport_72BT Sport will be using Sony Catalyst Prepare to streamline the delivery workflow for coverage of this season's National League action. Working with Timeline TV, a major provider of outside broadcast, post production, and studio-based services, BT Sport has invested in the media preparation tool to help compile and deliver content for post-production. It will help BT Sport to unlock the agility, flexibility, and efficiency needed in sports broadcasting by radically reducing time from content acquisition to post. The club crew will use Catalyst Prepare to create compilations of select shots on their laptops, which they will then upload via Aspera Faspex to BT Sport. Capturing single camera coverage of conference matches using Sony's HXR-NX3 camera, shooters will now be able to produce a packaged compilation of goals, incidents and highlights to upload for editing into the following days highlights programme. "Media production is growing more complicated, and turnaround times are continually getting tighter," explains Jamie Hindhaugh, Chief Operation Officer at BT Sport. "We wanted a tool to help our editors and provide a fast, reliable path from camera to post-production, but which was also easy for users with very different levels of experience to get to grips with. Catalyst Prepare has delivered on all fronts, and the club shooters now have a powerful tool to prepare and package content, making the entire pre-broadcast workflow more efficient for the production team." "The beauty of the Catalyst portfolio lies not only in its simplicity but its seamless interoperability with Sony's camcorders which are the de facto standard for broadcast acquisition," commented Anthony Everest, International Sales Director, Sony Creative Software. "By moving the media preparation process and data wrangling out of the edit bay, Catalyst Prepare allows cameramen to deliver the correct media in record time, streamlining post-production before content even leaves the location. Nowhere is this more valuable than in the fast-paced world of sports broadcasting, and BT Sport will quickly reap the benefits of smoother workflows from shooting through to edit." Timeline TV, worked in collaboration with Sony to select the best software to meet BT Sport's needs.

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