Sony Creative Reveals New Technology At NAB

Sony Creative Software, a leading global provider of professional editing and authoring applications, today announced new innovative audio and video editing tools for professionals set for release this summer. The latest additions to the Sony Creative Software product line include: Spectral Layers™, an audio editing platform featuring precise sound shaping capabilities and a unique visual workflow; and ThemeBuilder™ for Vegas™ Pro, a plug-in that enables intelligent template building for professional video projects. Both products are scheduled for technology demonstrations in the Sony booth.

"Now more than ever, video editors require robust editing tools like ThemeBuilder to automate repetitive tasks while retaining complete control over their projects. ThemeBuilder for Vegas Pro is one of the only plug-ins available that takes an existing timeline and develops a reusable theme, giving users the ability to quickly exchange media without wasting valuable production time," said Dave Chaimson, Vice President of Global Marketing for Sony Creative Software. "On the audio side, Spectral Layers redefines what can be accomplished in the editor's suite by giving users the ability to reach directly into and operate on waveform spectra. Spectral Layers holds universal appeal for audio mastering engineers, sound designers, archivists and professionals who demand deep, intelligent audio analysis tools."

ThemeBuilder was developed by NewBlue, Inc® a California company known for its ability to innovatively merge art with technology. NewBlue has been offering a range of compelling digital media technologies and products to the creative community since 2001.

"Our partnership with Sony Creative Software continues to expand and yield significant rewards for our customers," said Paul Devermann, Chief Alliance Officer of NewBlue. "NewBlue's ThemeBuilder software running in Vegas Pro will deliver an unprecedented workflow enhancement, offering even more creative options for video editors who depend on it for its robustness and ease of use."

Spectral Layers was created by Paris-based Divide Frame, a developer specializing in software designs that bridge the gap between emergent technologies and broadcast professionals. Innovative workflow ideas and processing speed optimization are just two design hallmarks of this advanced R&D firm.

"I've been a fan of Sony Creative Software products for many years," said Robin Lobel, owner of Divide Frame. "Our Spectral Layers application will be a perfect fit for Vegas Pro and Sound Forge™ Pro users. Divide Frame is pleased to have Spectral Layers take its place alongside Sony Creative Software's classic video and audio heavy hitters."

ThemeBuilder and Spectral Layers are in the final stages of development. Visit Sony Creative Software at NAB for more information.

ThemeBuilder for Vegas™ Pro 11 Feature Highlights:
  • Automated editing with Edit-Intelligence: Replace assets without the need for manual re-edits and conform theme assets to the proper aspect settings of a new timeline. Users can compensate for different durations and relationships of new media without creating multiple timeline versions.
  • Replaceable text and media fields: Design custom, replaceable text and media fields and enter information into a single, simplified user interface. Users will be able to see how new media assets and text replacements will influence the Vegas Pro timeline.
  • Real-time Emulation and Error Testing: Verify the technical completeness of a Theme with real-time emulation, giving users insight into how their Themes will behave on other users' editing environments.

Spectral Layers Feature Highlights:
  • Precise Audio Editing: Work with audio directly on the spectral display, dividing or "un-mixing" audio files into discrete, user-defined layers that can be processed independently and reintegrated to achieve perfect master files. Users can also remove unwanted noises and artifacts while leaving the surrounding audio data intact, perform pitch correction on user-selected components of an audio file, and rearrange events in an audio file.
  • Audio Extraction Tools: Modify area and frequency selection using a range of user-defined sensitivities and tolerances, use Clone Stamp to replace audio with new data selected from anywhere in the file, use Harmonic Selection to intelligently select harmonics in user-defined amounts and orders, and more.
  • Enterprise Edition: In addition to all of the aforementioned features, users of the Enterprise Edition can import 32-bit 192 kHz files, create multichannel audio files from a mono or stereo source file, and more.

Spectral Layers and ThemeBuilder for Vegas Pro 11 will be available this summer.

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