Sony Creative Software Offers Free Vegas Pro Updates for Broadcast Workflows and 64-bit Video Editing

Vegas Pro 8.0c Features XDCAM HD 4:2:2 Camera Support, Fit-to-Fill Editing and Trimmer Tool Enhancements Including Source/Preview Mode; Vegas Pro 8.1 is Industry's First Available Mainstream 64-bit NLE Software

Vegas Pro 8 Bundle Sony Creative Software, a leading provider of professional video and audio editing applications, today announced the availability of Vegas Pro 8.0c and Vegas Pro 8.1 non-linear editing (NLE) software application updates. Vegas Pro 8.0c makes the transition from other NLE systems to Vegas Pro easier by enabling the user to customize the trimmer window to operate in an enhanced source/preview mode and provides additional support for new video cameras popular with broadcast users, as well as the new PDW-1500 XDCAM deck. As the first 64-bit editing application offered by a leading software developer, Vegas Pro 8.1 provides users increased editing power and flexibility to work with complex memory-hungry 3D projects and high-definition (HD) content.

"The broadcast production community has been eagerly awaiting an efficient and affordable solution for HD and 3D content," said Dave Chaimson, Sony Creative Software vice president of global marketing. "These two updates provide our users with comprehensive technological advancements for increasingly complicated and time-sensitive broadcast productions. With
the demand for Vegas Pro growing rapidly in the worldwide broadcast market, the combination of a more familiar workflow, coupled with 64-bit support for increased throughput, provides an unrivaled solution not available in any other application."

Vegas Pro 8.0c

The Vegas Pro 8.0c software now features extensive support for the new PDW-1500 XDCAM deck and the newest Sony video camera formats including XDCAM HD 4:2:2. The Vegas Pro software scales intuitively on the user's system, ensuring that it takes full advantage of all hardware capabilities.
The new Smart Render feature supports most news acquisition formats, providing the ability for news corporations to get content to air rapidly. Newly enhanced trimmer tools support broadcast editing workflows, while the new Fit-to-Fill function enables broadcasters to automate cuts to match content to the exact seconds allotted for their story. Vegas Pro 8.0c also now includes 24p support for those working with film framerate style content.

Key Vegas Pro 8.0c Features
-- Enhanced trimmer tools, improved source/preview workflow, Fit-to-Fill
and paste/overwrite editing and video playback functionality
-- XDCAM HD 4:2:2 50 mb/s support
-- XDCAM EX rendering support
-- HVR-Z7 24p capture and high-performance editing
-- HVR-Z7 CF card import module
-- Optimized AVC encoding and decoding

Vegas Pro 8.1

Vegas Pro 8.1 has been engineered to take full advantage of the 64-bit operating system to enable users to work with multifaceted, memory-intensive projects. The Vegas Pro 8.1 64-bit program is a standalone application that does not require users to have Vegas Pro 8.0 preinstalled on their system. However, Vegas Pro 8.1 has been designed with backwards
compatibility with the 32-bit Vegas Pro application so users can create a project in one platform and open it in the other. This provides users with the ability to work with a 64-bit version for the performance gains, but also work in the 32-bit system for continued broad hardware and codec

Benefits of Vegas Pro 8.1
-- Vegas Pro 8.1 has been designed to maximize the capabilities of the
64-bit system, providing:
- Access to large amounts of memory not possible with 32-bit systems
- Scalability for multicore processors
- Faster overall performance and rendering
-- Vegas Pro 8.1 provides current users with more memory access which
- Working with complex memory-hungry 3D projects
- Working more efficiently with nested Vegas Pro projects
- Running more multiple instances of Vegas Pro software
- More open
* Codecs
* Filters and Effects
* Cached Frames for Ram Previews
-- Features both improved rendering times and general performance

For optimal 64-bit performance, four factors need to align. The PC has to be designed for 64-bit, as does the operating system and the programs that run on it. In addition, supporting partner offerings must also be 64-bit capable. Sony Creative Software was one of the first developers to
begin porting for 64-bit computing in direct collaboration with AMD, who developed the 64-bit extensions for the Windows operating system. Extensive testing with various partners, including Microsoft, Dell, Intel and AMD ensures Vegas Pro 8.1 is ready for immediate installation and use in production.

"AMD, congratulates Sony Creative Software on being the first major software developer to bring a 64-bit NLE to market with Vegas Pro 8.1," said Charlie Boswell, director of Digital Media and Entertainment for AMD. "Having worked closely with the Sony Creative team and having personally used Vegas Pro to produce DVD and broadcast content, I can say that 64-bit Vegas Pro 8.1 is a key milestone towards our shared goal of enabling content creators to work at the 'speed of thought', challenged only by the limits of one's own creativity."

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