Sony Creative Software SpectraLayers Pro Audio Editing Software Review

Videomaker by Mark Speer

For the serious sound editor working on complex audio projects, this is the program to get!

Sony has long been synonymous with quality audio and video products such as the compact disc (along with Phillips) and others such as the Walkman and PlayStation. In the professional world, their OXFORD line of products are still in use and quite remarkable.

SpectraLayers Pro does introduce a few innovations, notably the use of 3D graphics and, true to it's name, the ability to layer sub elements within a given waveform.

On the plus side, SpectraLayers Pro that recognizes that noise sources such as air conditioners, sirens, and feedback also generate harmonics, and it provides the tools to deal with them.

While you can most assuredly perform noise reduction tasks with this app as a beginner (watch the "how-to" video), even a basic knowledge of audio will help dramatically to make sense out of all those squiggly little lines and speed your learning curve.

First Look

SpectraLayers Pro at first look is deceptively plain. Simple tool bar, simple panels for history, layers, etc. However, that layers panel is the tip-off that this is a different animal. If you've had an occasion to use Adobe Photoshop, this aspect may be familiar, and even comforting. Much of the publicity makes big claims about how you can edit audio like it was in Photoshop, which is great if you are experienced with Photoshop. However, this may take some getting used to. read more...

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