Sony Creative Software Vegas Pro 12 Advance Editing Software Review

Videomaker by Tony Gomez

Vegas Pro 12 is a full-featured editing program for Windows PC/64-bit OS systems, that provides you with a complete end-to-end solution for capture, editing, visual effects, titling, disc authoring, and creation.

We're big fans of the underdog, and in today's editing software arena there has emerged such a contender - competing with the likes of Adobe Premiere Pro, Avid Media Composer, and Apple Final Cut Pro. This fourth contender is Vegas Pro from Sony Creative Software and we take a closer look at their newest version, Vegas Pro 12, to give you a quick basic overview of Vegas Pro 12's Graphic User Interface (GUI), its basic layout, and then highlight some of its great new features. You may find that Vegas Pro 12 can be a real champion for your editing needs.

The Vegas Pro 12 GUI Basics and Project Properties

The Vegas Pro 12 GUI has an upper Docking Windows section, and a lower Track View Section. The Docking Windows section is where all the video content will be located and managed, and consists of Trimmer, Preview, Vegas Explorer, and Project Media windows. The lower Track View section is the timeline editor, where that content is assembled in the proper order.

The Trimmer window is used to trim your video clips to their desired length, and is comparable to the source window in other editing programs. The Preview window is primarily used to play back clips, and the display is shown in the small default window, full screen, or on an External Monitor using special graphics cards. read more...

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